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How to tell your fiancé that you want a prenup

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Divorce

Despite the excitement of having plans to marry, you may be harboring fears about what will happen if the union falls apart. The thought of creating a prenuptial agreement could be on your mind. Nonetheless, you might also fear broaching the subject with your spouse-to-be.

The good news is you can raise the topic with care and sensitivity. You are more likely to receive a favorable response when you employ such an approach.

Emphasize open dialogue

Start the conversation by highlighting the importance of communication in your relationship and that you merely want to discuss weighty issues regarding joining lives. Make it clear that you intend to protect each other’s interests no matter what transpires and that the terms are negotiable.

Explain your rationale

Clearly articulate your reasons for considering a prenuptial agreement. Being honest about your motivations fosters understanding and trust. It may also be effective to argue that prenups are widely popular, with 42% of U.S. adults supporting these deals. Prenuptial agreements no longer have the same negative stigma as before.

Reinforce your commitment

Stress that your intention is not to undermine the foundation of your relationship. On the contrary, you hope that this legal framework will help fortify it. Emphasize your commitment to the marriage and reiterate how important it is that you face potential challenges together.

Raising the subject of a prenuptial agreement requires thoughtfulness and empathy. If these qualities are part of the discussion, both partners should feel valued and heard. With such a document in place, having a clear path forward will make a potential split as painless as possible.