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Month: April 2019

When divorce and bankruptcy collide

One thing that some spouses experience as a result of a divorce is bankruptcy. The relationship actually may have teetered on the brink over finances, as it's reported that 22% of divorces are tied to disagreements over money matters. It may even be couples at the...

Mediation: Why it’s important when you divorce

Mediation is an important part of many people's divorces. It's a faster, more supportive way to resolve conflicts instead of turning to the judge for help. Mediation has a few goals including: Helping you avoid the cost of litigation Reducing the trauma of divorce...

How do we split our assets in divorce?

Dividing the fruits of a marriage in a divorce is typically a messy process, although it doesn't have to be. The damage can be mitigated by having a valid prenuptial agreement in place. Even without one, however, couples can still navigate these shoals with...