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Collaborative divorce allows you to preserve your privacy

Some people live their lives like they are starring in their own reality television show. No detail is too small, no drama too picayune to avoid playing itself out all over the person's social media feeds.

But others are far more private and circumspect about their lives and the travails of their relationships. When the latter group winds up in the midst of a divorce, they may loathe the idea that the intimate details of their private lives can become fodder for anyone's curiosity.

Why late summer might be a good time to tweak custody orders

With local schools resuming in mid-August, now is a good time to re-examine your child custody order to see if it continues to adequately meet your children's needs. Problems can arise when a custody order and schedule was set years ago when the kids were much younger. As they grow and develop, their needs change dramatically and often these custody arrangements need to be tweaked to reflect the current circumstances.

What often happens is that the parents informally agree on alterations to the formal schedule and operate under these new arrangements. While there isn't anything inherently wrong with this approach, it lacks the legal gravitas of a court-approved custody modification.

Before you leave your husband, consider these things

Divorce is a big step for anyone to take, so it is always wise to make sure that you have done your homework before filing. If you are determined that this is the best path to a better life, there are things that you should do first.

Divorce can be harder on women than it is on men, so keep the following in mind when filing for divorce:

Plan for divorce before you suggest it to your spouse

You married your spouse a long time ago. You were both young, and you both had lots in common. Today, that's no longer the case.

You haven't had children, but you have both excelled in your careers. You barely see one another, and you're not exactly sure what you are doing together. With no real relationship to speak of, you're ready to move on and find someone else. However, you're not sure how to prepare.

Let us help you with your marital property settlement

Are you struggling to keep your cool while dividing the assets in a divorce? Other than contested custody matters, dividing the marital property in a divorce causes the most dissension between couples. This is especially true when there are many high-value assets and resources to divide.

We can help you devise a viable strategy to pursue the property that you want to keep in your divorce. Maybe it's the family home. We will review the value of the marital assets after they are independently appraised, crunch the numbers and allow you to weigh the pros and the cons of keeping each.

Is it possible to retain custody with a mental illness?

Parenting your child after a divorce is challenging under any circumstances, but for parents who are battling mental illnesses, it can prove an insurmountable burden in some cases.

Statistics indicate that two-thirds of kids who have a parent diagnosed with a mental illness are not being reared by that parent. This is important because Tennessee is one of the states where the parents' mental status is considered when determining custody of the children.

Why seeking sole custody might not be a good idea

There are some situations where seeking sole custody is not just possible — it is necessary. If you are divorcing a spouse who has been abusive or neglectful to the children, or who has a drug or alcohol addiction that causes them to behave unsafely when they are with the kids, you have to do everything within your power to make sure that the court awards sole custody to you.

In the most egregious cases of neglect, abuse or addiction, the other parent may only be awarded supervised visitation with the kids. But the truth is that those cases are few and far between. Tennessee family law courts take the view that children thrive best when they have unfettered access to both of their parents.

Consider mediating your Tennessee divorce

Divorce can be a humbling experience in the best of circumstances. When it's particularly acrimonious, with hurled insults or salacious allegations, it's a far worse scenario.

One of the worst aspects of such divorces is that the records are public and available to pretty much anyone with the time and curiosity to go poke through courthouse records. That's rarely reassuring to those who have the most intimate details of their marital life laid bare.

Building a strong parenting agreement

It is never easy for parents to negotiate dividing up time with their child, even when everyone involved wants a civil, respectful divorce or separation. The time we get to spend with our children is one of the most precious things we have, and many parents feel pulled to seek as much custody time with their child as they can obtain, whether it is best for the child or not.

As you and your child's other parent navigate these difficult areas, it is important to keep the best interests of your child in mind. Not only does a child-centered parenting agreement ensure that the child's best interests remain protected, it also demonstrates to family courts that both parents have their priorities in line. At the same time, it is important to understand your own needs and limitations, to help keep your parental rights secure as your child grows into an adult.

Don't struggle over summer custody issues

Summer custody arrangements can foil even the most well-intentioned parents if they fail to plan ahead. This is especially true for those parents who have just divorced or split up with their former partners.

While it might not be so easy to navigate the shoals of summer custody, it's a necessary skill to develop if you want to enjoy a peaceful summer with your kids. Below are some suggestions for making it happen.

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