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Choosing the right forensic accountant for a business valuation

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

When a marriage takes an unfortunate turn toward divorce, dividing a business can add layers of complexity. Valuing a business accurately during divorce proceedings is essential to ensure fair distribution.

When dividing assets, a forensic accountant plays a vital role in objectively assessing the business’s worth. The question remains of how one goes about choosing the right forensic accountant for the job.

Expertise in business valuation

Look for professionals with a track record of evaluating businesses similar to yours. Their understanding of market trends and industry-specific factors will ensure an accurate assessment of your business’s value. Without this expertise, you might not achieve a fair division in your divorce.

Relevant certifications

Choosing a forensic accountant with the appropriate certifications and qualifications is essential. Certified Public Accountants and Chartered Financial Analysts can offer more credibility. These designations show a high level of trustworthiness in financial analysis.

Experience in divorce cases

Divorce-related business valuations call for a deeper understanding of legal processes. Privacy is equally important. An experienced professional can provide valuable insights and navigate potential challenges effectively. They can also appreciate the value of discretion.


The role of a forensic accountant is to provide an unbiased assessment of the business’s value. Personal or emotional inclinations should not be a factor. This objectivity is crucial in ensuring a fair distribution of assets during divorce proceedings.

Studies suggest that the divorce rate for business owners is as high as 48%. While divorce is rarely simple, entrepreneurs have unique obstacles to overcome. Choosing the right forensic accountant can make a divorce between business owners much simpler.