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Has your ex stopped picking up the children?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Blog, Child Custody

When you rely on a child custody arrangement, any deviation from the plan can create frustration and uncertainty. It is even more challenging when your ex-partner stops picking up the children according to the schedule.

If this has happened to you, you might wonder if you need to seek a custody agreement modification.

Assess the situation

Before deciding on changing your custody arrangement, it is important to assess the situation. Do not jump to conclusions without understanding the reasons behind your ex-partner’s actions. They may be experiencing temporary issues that could resolve soon. However, if the neglect persists, it might be time to consider modifying the custody agreement.

Document each incident

It is important to keep a record of each incident where your ex fails to pick up the children. Include the date, time and any communication between the two of you regarding the missed pickup. This documentation can provide valuable evidence should you decide to seek a modification in your custody arrangement.

Communicate with your ex

Clear and open communication can solve many misunderstandings. Reach out to your ex-partner and discuss your concerns about the missed pickups. Their response, or lack thereof, can help guide your next steps. Always keep the best interest of your children at the forefront during these discussions.

Consider mediation

If communication with your ex is not fruitful, consider mediation. A neutral third party can help you both reach an agreement that works for everyone involved, especially the children. Mediation provides a space for open discussion and compromise while keeping the children’s interests paramount.

Filing for a modification

Should the missed pickups continue, and your efforts to rectify the situation prove unsuccessful, you might need to seek a change to your custody arrangement. The court requires substantial evidence that a modification is in the best interest of the children. Your documentation of the missed pickups and your attempts to resolve the issue can serve as this evidence.

Remember, it is your duty to ensure your children are in an environment that promotes their health, happiness and development. When your ex-partner’s actions compromise this, seeking a change to your custody arrangement might be the right course.