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Do assets influence arguments in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Divorce

Going through divorce is a difficult thing for almost every couple, whether or not the divorce is amiable.

Over the years, many rumors started and carried on discussing what sort of things might make a divorce even harder. Finances often come up, but just how true is this? Does having more assets really make a couple more prone to arguments?

Upper-middle vs. upper-class wealth

Business Insider discusses divorce and assets, and how the two often tie together. Many people believe that a couple with more assets will also have more arguments during a divorce.

This may look like it has some credibility due to upper-middle-class couples. These couples have a fair amount of assets, but they fight so often and so viciously that the press nicknamed them “the fighting class”.

On the other hand, however, couples with over $5 million in assets actually have the highest rate of amiable divorce out of any wealth bracket. How do these two facts reconcile and co-exist?

How emotions impact perception

Simply put, it has everything to do with how the couple feels about their wealth and less to do with the actual amount of wealth itself.

In short, couples in the upper-middle class wealth bracket often have less confidence and financial security. They often fear that one divorce could end them. This leads to bigger struggles to keep more of the marital assets.

On the other hand, wealthy couples with $5 million or more in assets do not have those same concerns or fears. Because of this, they can engage in amiable assets with fewer problems.