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Focusing on your custody case amid job problems

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Child Custody

If you are facing challenges at work, or you recently lost your position, you likely have a variety of financial concerns and a lot of stress. If you are working through a divorce, these hardships are likely even more difficult to handle, especially if an unsettling custody case has arisen. It is critical to devote the time and energy that is required to address custody issues properly and safeguard your relationship with your child.

Unfortunately, various hardships related to job problems (such as significant financial woes) can actually interfere with a parent’s custody case.

How can job-related problems affect a custody decision?

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, courts review many factors when trying to decide how to award custody and the laws vary from state to state. However, many states take financial hardships into consideration and if a parent is unable to provide his or her child with clothing, food, necessary medical care and a safe household environment, this can prevent them from obtaining a favorable custody outcome.

How can you address financial hardships during a custody battle?

If you recently lost your job or your hours were drastically reduced and you need to find a new place to live or you are struggling to get by on a daily basis, you need to focus on your options and try to prove that you are financially fit to raise a child. From looking for a new job to taking out a loan and reaching out to loved ones for support, there are different strategies that work for parents in this position.