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Getting divorced from a drug addict

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Divorce

If you are married to someone who is struggling with drug addiction, our law office knows how challenging various facets of your life likely are. Whether they are unable to work because of a drug problem, leading to financial hardships, or you are subjected to some form of abuse as a result of their addiction, approach the divorce process correctly and safeguard your future.

If you have children, it is especially important to work through your divorce carefully and protect their interests. For example, some parents decide to pursue sole custody because of their concerns about their ex.

Drug addiction and child custody

For parents, child custody is a central aspect of divorce. If your former partner is addicted to dangerous drugs, alcohol or even prescription medication and you have concerns about their ability to take care of your children, it is imperative to explore your options and safeguard the best interests of your child. Sometimes, people are able to recover from addiction and maintain healthy relationships with their kids. However, it is crucial to focus on a child’s well-being with regard to parents who are unable to overcome their addiction.

Financial issues, drug addiction and divorce

Other hurdles will likely arise if you file for a divorce and your ex is struggling with addiction. For example, some couples have limited financial resources as a result of a costly addiction, complicating their approach to divorce. Aside from covering legal fees, other financial concerns arise after the end of a marriage, such as a former spouse’s ability to pay alimony or child support. Our blog highlights other family law topics.