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Avoiding mistakes during a child custody dispute

Child custody disagreements can turn two otherwise reasonable, caring parents into lifelong enemies. It is a strange phenomenon because both parents typically want the same things, which are good health, plenty of love and ideal living conditions for their children. Why does this part of getting divorced bring out the worst in parents?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question with true accuracy. We only know that child custody wars erupt between parents more often than they should. Unfortunately, the fallout from such battles can harm the children and the parents in the end. Our attorneys want all parents divorcing in Tennessee to keep a few things in mind during the child custody decision-making process. Doing so can help you avoid mistakes that could derail your efforts to keep your kids emotionally and mentally healthy.

Your focus belongs with your kids

This one simple tip will help you avoid many child custody mistakes such as lashing out at your co-parent or using your kids to find out what your spouse is up to. By keeping your children’s needs in focus, you can avoid letting your emotions overrule your good judgment.

Your lawyer is your best advocate

This means you should always follow the advice he or she provides. It also means asking questions, paying attention to the answers and taking an active role in the process of determining child custody.

It won’t last forever

Although it feels like you will be trapped in an endless cycle of negotiating for child custody, an end will come. You will likely continue to disagree with your co-parent sometimes, but the legal drama will come to an end.

Our firm’s website offers many valuable resources for divorcing parents. We invite you to explore our pages to learn more about family law in Tennessee.