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What are some simple tips for managing a high-asset divorce?

Those who are facing a high-asset divorce in Tennessee understand that no simple solution exists to overcome all of the challenges they may face during the process. Dividing assets when valuable assets are a factor can bring many troubling issues to the surface. For example, if one or both spouses feel that the property division is unfair, it can lead to an all-out war inside a courtroom.

Even though high-asset divorces are complex by nature, it sometimes helps to take a deep breath, put negative emotions on the back burner and adopt a more simplistic approach. While the following tips will not solve all of the challenges associated with a high-asset divorce, they can serve as a mental and emotional readjustment, allowing you to focus on the practical side of divorce instead of its emotional impact.

Seek help

Managing a complex divorce on your own is extremely unwise from a legal standpoint. Assistance from a lawyer experienced with high net-worth divorces puts you at a safe distance from your spouse. In turn, this helps you avoid allowing your emotions to derail any attempts to acquire a fair share of marital assets. An attorney also fills a valuable role as an advocate who is committed to protecting your rights.

Maintain privacy

Have your attorney work to keep the financial details of your divorce private. It is not always possible to seal all of the details in a divorce, but it is worth the effort to try. Knowing you are protected from public scrutiny can help you maintain your focus during the divorce.

Asset discovery

Unfortunately, a high-asset divorce can bring out a person’s worst behavior. Hiding one’s assets is a great example of this behavior. Talk with your lawyer about how to uncover any assets your spouse may wish to keep out of the property division portion of your divorce.