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Don’t let your child custody issues rob your kids of these rights

If you are a recently divorced parent, you already know how difficult it is to find a good balance. Everything is different and strange, which makes the peace you so desperately need seem more elusive than ever. Emotions run high and you could find yourself in more disputes with your co-parent than you experienced during your marriage.

As a loving parent, many of these continuing conflicts revolve around your kids even though your divorce is over and your child custody agreement is in place. Take heart because in most cases, these conflicts lessen over time as you, your co-parent and your children find a new rhythm. In the meantime, it is critically important not to let child custody disagreements affect your kids in a negative way.

Many divorced parents in Tennessee have found success in this endeavor by keeping the basic rights of their kids in focus. Below you will find some examples of these rights.

Children of divorce should have the right to:

  • Be spared from hearing derogatory remarks about either parent
  • A loving and healthy relationship with each parent
  • Remain in close contact with family members on both sides of divorce
  • Continue experiencing the joys of childhood
  • Be unencumbered by the emotional baggage their parents may carry
  • Experience feelings about the divorce without parental influence
  • Be informed about any big changes that may occur

When both parents work to protect their children from emotional byproducts of divorce, many once-important child custody disagreements often fall by the wayside. Parents who continue to experience custody hardships with a co-parent may seek a legal solution by bringing their concerns to a family law attorney. In the end, the well-being of everyone involved—especially the children—is worth any effort to find resolution.

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