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Getting a high-asset divorce? Mediation might be the answer

When we talk about divorcing with valuable assets, we sometimes recommend divorce mediation. As with other family law solutions, it is not an appropriate answer for all couples, but for many, it can make the process of splitting up easier, faster and less combative.

Valuable assets can complicate a Tennessee divorce in many ways. Such assets typically raise the financial stakes for both spouses, causing each to worry about unfair treatment during asset division. Couples that can put aside their personal differences often find that mediation reduces this worry while providing many other unexpected benefits. Examples of these benefits include:

  • Finding creative solutions to dividing valuable assets
  • Working in a neutral yet problem-solving atmosphere
  • Keeping the details of high-asset divorces out of the public eye
  • Avoiding much of the conflict that arises in a courtroom setting
  • Having more control over the outcome of divorce
  • Reducing emotional and mental stress for children of divorce
  • Fostering better communication skills between both spouses

If couples cannot work together under any circumstance, then a traditional approach to divorce may be more appropriate. However, we have seen many combative couples come together peacefully when they learn about the benefits mediation brings to high-asset divorce.

Anytime divorce is on the table, couples should avoid making snap decisions about finances and about children. Additionally, it is always wise to seek advice about any divorce issues that may continue affecting you and your family members after the divorce ends.

Considering unconventional methods like mediation in a high-asset divorce can open the door to solutions you may not have realized existed. Please take the time to increase your knowledge of divorcing with valuable assets by visiting our firm online.