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New divorce forms released by Tennessee Supreme Court

New divorce forms have been released by the Tennessee Supreme Court that make it more affordable for families with children to file for divorce. The forms were put into effect back on July 1. They allow families with children that meet specific requirements to file for divorce without much hassle.

In order to meet the requirements of the forms, the family seeking divorce must have children under the age of 18, still in high school or who are disabled. The couple, in order to qualify, cannot have retirement benefits, cannot own land, cannot own buildings or cannot have a joint business.

This process has been in place in Tennessee for married couples with low incomes, but never before for married couples with children and low incomes. Now, married couples with children who have a low income can get divorced without breaking the bank because of these new forms.

In order to use these new forms to file for divorce both parties must come to an agreement on child support and alimony. Both parties must also sign the divorce agreement in order to use the forms. The rules for the forms are quite specific, so all couples seeking divorce in Tennessee should review them prior to making a decision.

The forms cannot be used if a child in the marriage has a biological father who is not a spouse in the couple. The forms also cannot be used if someone else has custody rights of your children.

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