Assisting Families Throughout Emotional Situations

Divorce and other matters affecting your family are complex, emotional issues. When an already complicated situation becomes violent, you need to take immediate legal action to protect your safety.

The law firm of White & White, Attorneys at Law, has represented individuals and families across Sevier County and surrounding areas since 2003. When domestic disputes arise, the firm provides personalized guidance throughout the process of filing an order of protection.

The Process Of Securing An Order Of Protection

A Tennessee judge issues an order of protection, also known as a protective or restraining order, which requires the accused offender to remain a certain distance from the individual filing the order. Such orders are temporary but may be extended or modified.

An order of protection can:

  • Require your spouse or partner to be removed from your home
  • Require the offender to refrain from contacting you in any way
  • Require the offender to give up their rights to carry a firearm
  • Require the offender to pay child support
  • Require the offender to pay fines, spend time in jail or both if the order is violated

Whether due to a contentious divorce or another situation, domestic violence is a serious issue. When you are the victim of physical or verbal abuse, the lawyers at White & White, Attorneys at Law, provide the defense you need to prioritize your safety.

Taking Steps To Protect Your Children

An order of protection also grants you temporary sole custody of your children. However, such orders only apply to the individual filing the order. When both you and your children are in imminent danger, the firm advises on steps to take to protect their safety. This involves filing a petition with the appropriate Tennessee juvenile court to initiate a protective order on their behalf.

Consult With An Experienced Family-Based Firm

Seeking help after a domestic dispute can be frightening. The family-based firm of White & White, Attorneys at Law, provides the sound, helpful guidance you need throughout a sensitive time.

Contact their offices in Sevierville for assistance. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 865-622-7768 or by sending the firm an email.