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6 common reasons why Americans seek divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Divorce

If you and your spouse are facing a divorce in Tennessee, you are no stranger to the full range of emotions that can arise during the process. There are many reasons why people get divorced, and you are not alone in this.

Here are six of the most common reasons why Americans seek divorce.

1. Money trouble

Financial difficulties are a common source of stress in a marriage. When money trouble and the corresponding stress persist, they can take a toll on the strength of a marriage.

2. Unfaithfulness

The unfaithfulness of a partner can cause damage to the union that is difficult to repair. When the impact of infidelity is too great, divorce is often the result.

3. Conflict

Not only is persistent conflict a stressful environment in which to live, but it is also a sign of an unhealthy marriage. Conflict can result from more serious issues that can make remaining in a relationship challenging.

4. Irreconcilable differences

Some factors create a relationship gap that is too wide to bridge. For example, you may cite irreconcilable differences if you and your spouse follow two very different religions and cannot get along or decide how to raise children because of it.

5. Substance abuse

When a spouse struggles with addiction and does not address the issue, it can cause frustration and resentment in the marriage. This situation may lead to the tough decision to divorce.

6. Abuse

Abuse often stems from much deeper problems that are difficult to repair. Many marriages end due to physical, emotional to financial abuse.

While there are many reasons why people seek a divorce, your circumstances are unique. Leaning on someone familiar with your situation can help you navigate trying times.