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Should your kids see a therapist during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Divorce

If you are in the middle of a bitter divorce, you may have felt your mental health slip somewhat. Your kids may be experiencing the same slippage, unfortunately. In fact, according to Psychology Today, children often develop antisocial behaviors, anxiety, depression and even behavioral issues when their parents are in the process of ending their marriages.

Choosing to send your kids to therapy is probably not something you take lightly. Still, if you think your children are having trouble coping with your divorce, setting up an appointment with an experienced therapist may be the right course of action.

Have your children’s behavioral patterns changed?

When kids are not coping with a stressful situation particularly well, they often change the way they perform everyday activities. If your children have different eating, bathing or sleeping habits during your divorce, they may need professional help.

Are your kids distancing themselves?

When children are experiencing anxiety and depression, they tend to withdraw from their social groups. If your children no longer want to be around their friends, participate in extracurricular activities or socialize with relatives, you may need to ask a therapist for assistance.

Are your children performing poorly at school?

As kids develop normally, they often lose interest in things that previously interested them. Nevertheless, academic performance issues are almost always indicative of something else. Put simply, if your children begin to perform poorly at school, they may need some therapeutic tools to help them cope with stress.

Ultimately, by finding a qualified therapist who understands divorce and its effect on children, you are likely to help your kids emerge from your divorce in a psychologically solid place.