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Can your spouse delay your divorce forever?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Divorce

If your marriage simply is not working out, you may be itching to end it and start the next chapter of your life. According to Tennessee law, though, you must go through a 90-day waiting period before your divorce can become final. Therefore, at a minimum, you should plan for your divorce to take at least three months.

When it comes to wrapping up your marriage quickly, your soon-to-be ex-spouse and you may not be on the same page. That is, for whatever reason, your husband or wife may want to drag out your divorce. While he or she may be able to employ some stall tactics, your spouse cannot delay your divorce forever.

Hiding from the process server

Even though your divorce seems to be a private matter between you and your spouse, the State of Tennessee has an interest in it. Consequently, to end your marriage, you or your spouse must file a lawsuit. If you file, you must serve your husband or wife with divorce papers. At least initially, your spouse can delay your divorce by hiding from the process server.

Rescheduling essential meetings

It may be advisable for you and your husband or wife to try to settle as many divorce-related issues outside of the courtroom. If your spouse reschedules settlement negotiations or other essential meetings, your divorce may drag on longer than you think it should.

Despite his or her efforts to stall your divorce, your spouse cannot prevent you from ending your marriage eventually. Ultimately, if you think your spouse may try to give you the runaround, you should discuss your concerns with your divorce attorney as soon as possible.