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How does collaborative divorce work?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Divorce

The process of divorce itself is a difficult, time-consuming and stressful thing. If a couple decides to litigate, i.e. take their case to court, then it will only take more time and energy.

Collaborative divorce is one way to cut down on stress by avoiding the court entirely. However, it does not necessarily work for every couple.

How to approach collaboration

Cornell Law School discusses the use of collaborative divorce in some divorce cases. Though this option will not suit everyone, it does work well with couples who already have some level of understanding and the ability to work together and collaborate, even if they must sometimes take breaks from one another.

It helps to go into a collaboration already having an idea of how major points of contention in the divorce should go. This typically includes high-stakes matters like child support, custody and how to divide and manage both assets and debts.

How it works

During the process of collaboration itself, couples will work together with their chosen personal representatives to negotiate the terms of the divorce. It is the ultimate goal of a collaboration to reach an outcome that everyone can agree on.

To facilitate negotiation further, personal representatives may encourage the hiring of a mediator as well. This individual has expertise and experience with managing arguments and de-escalating tense situations. They can help in the event that a couple hits more snags than expected or has trouble proceeding without arguing.

If this option does not work out, it is still possible to try other methods of divorce that avoid the court, too. This is simply one of many.