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The professions with the highest divorce rates

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Firm News

When Tennessee residents enter into marriages, many different factors help determine whether the marriage lasts the long haul. The age at which the parties got married may factor into the length of the marriage. So, too, might differing personalities and the way each party handles money. Recent research shows that while all these variables might help determine the duration of a marriage, the fields in which each party works may also factor in.

Per LendingTree, workers in some industries face far higher divorce rates than employees in others.

Jobs with the highest divorce rates

Data shows that military members have one of the highest divorce rates of any profession. The overall divorce rate among military members is 3.09%. Hospitality workers, including those who work in food preparation or serving, also have high divorce rates. Bartenders, in particular, are among the American professionals most likely to see their marriages end in divorce, with the divorce rate among bartenders holding strong at 4.34%. The divorce rate is also higher than national averages among health care support staff.

Jobs with the lowest divorce rates

The professions with the lowest divorce rates are the same among both women and men. Members of the clergy have particularly low divorce rates. So, too, do farmers, ranchers and doctors. The average divorce rate across all these professions is 0.70%, to put things in perspective.

Profession, alone, may not be enough to impact an otherwise-strong marriage. However, other factors, such as the fact that many hospitality workers work with many other young, single people, may help explain the disparity between industries.