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Can I take a summer vacation with the kids after the divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Divorce

Divorcing parents must learn to navigate child custody schedules, and summertime brings additional considerations. If not considering family traditions and the needs of each individual, custody orders can create unnecessary challenges.

Co-parents should work to form an arrangement that gives adequate time to all and causes minimal stress for the children.

Negotiating a fair compromise during divorce

When ex-spouses agree on a co-parenting arrangement, ex-spouses can eliminate disputes before they arise. A parent can peacefully reason with their former mate to the benefits of having an extended time for bonding on vacation. Individuals should communicate in a spirit of compromise, ensuring the children have time with the other parent and input on vacation choices. A mediator could help settle contentious issues.

A written, specific parenting plan leaves little room for confusion and sets clear boundaries. Creating a family calendar annually helps everyone stay on the same page. Co-parents should share a trip itinerary with contact information to put each other at ease.

Fighting for time after divorce

If co-parents did not create a parenting plan during the divorce proceedings, they can work immediately to craft a workable schedule using the Parenting Plan Form. Co-parents can submit an agreement to modify the custody order if the current one does not fit their needs.

A parent should never vacation with a child under an informal agreement that does not comply with the custody arrangement. A noncustodial parent should not take a child out of the state or country without the permission of the court or custodial parent. A signed child custody vacation letter can provide protection from a later dispute.

Parents cannot regain lost precious moments with children. Co-parents have many options for spending time with the children during summer vacation.