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Can childhood trauma impact marriages?

When a marriage falls apart, it is rarely ever just one thing that causes this to happen. It is often a culmination of actions, arguments, words, behaviors and more. However, sometimes these different factors can tie back to a few common origin points, such as childhood trauma.

When going through the divorce process, you want to do everything in your power to better understand the origin of your traumas and difficulties, thus allowing you to get through the divorce with fewer struggles.

How trauma informs relationships

Family Means looks into some of the negative impacts that trauma can have on children and the way this trauma may continue to affect them in later years.

In 2018, over 782,000 couples filed for divorce in the United States, showing that sometimes a split is simply the best option for everyone involved. However, if you can identify the crux of your problems early enough, you may be able to save your marriage. This includes understanding how the conflict between a spouse and their parents can transfer over to the marital relationship. Issues with distrust, friction and misunderstandings can easily carry over from childhood into adulthood and marriage.

The impact of mental health disorders

Trauma during divorce can also negatively impact the outcome of the split, especially in those already struggling from mental health issues like depression or anxiety. If you act out due to emotion or stress, you risk jeopardizing your financial health, as well as the chances of getting the visitation or custody rights you wish to have. This is another main reason why understanding and coping with trauma is crucial to both healthy relationships and smooth divorces.