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Use caution with dating apps during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Firm News

You may date during a divorce. You have the right to move on and meet new people.

However, you should tread carefully while using dating apps, and any other forms of social media, during divorce proceedings.

People overshare online

Those who use dating apps are likely to use other social media as well. In the current online culture of documenting almost everything we do, your potential new partners may share something about you on social media that you would prefer remain private. While meeting new people is exciting, you cannot control or filter what someone else does or says online.

Photos can cause hassles

A screenshot of a personal message or a photo without context could cause problems. Photos of you using drugs or alcohol could affect custody decisions. Images of extravagant spending could become evidence of you wasting assets. Screenshots of private conversations that suggest irresponsible behavior could paint you in a bad light in the eyes of a judge.

False information can hurt you

If you choose to use a dating app while going through a divorce, be honest about it. Use your real name and picture for your profile and let your ex know your intentions. Being caught using a false profile may damage your credibility. Make an effort to get to know any potential new partners safely in person rather than sharing intimate details online.

Remember that anything shared online, even privately, can become public. If you would not do or say something before the judge, do not do it online. If you have a problematic or vindictive ex, you should consider staying off dating apps until the court has finalized your divorce.