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Can you determine a satisfactory custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody

Arranging child custody can take a significant portion of time during your divorce settlement. Because you and your spouse may have different ideas of what your children need, negotiating an agreeable deal may not happen right away.

Creating the best custody arrangement requires flexibility, civility and sacrifice from both parties. Knowing which factors to assess in helping create an agreement may increase the efficiency of your effort to finalize something.

Best interests

Courts will pay significant attention to the best interests of your children. According to, determining the best interests of your children may include an analysis of factors including the following:

  • Your mental and physical health
  • Your children’s parent preference
  • Your ability to provide a safe and stable home
  • Your children’s medical and emotional needs
  • Any history of family violence


Of course, the courts will also take into account your logistical needs, particularly if you need to maintain a career to properly care for your children. Even when you finalize an agreement, developments in your life or the lives of your children could create a need for change. For example, relocation, career changes, educational needs and medical emergencies may conflict with the original custody agreement you signed. Petitioning for changes to the original document will require careful planning.

Establishing a custody agreement with your children’s well-being as your foremost concern may aid in creating the most beneficial arrangement. Despite the changes to your relationship, showing your dedication to helping your children continue to grow and develop can speak volumes about your commitment to parenting and helping your children succeed.