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Is your ex negatively influencing your child?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the effect it has on child-rearing. While you and your former spouse are apart, you must still present a united front when it comes to raising your children. This is the purpose of parenting agreements, which establish rules regarding shared custody.

If your ex-spouse attempts to influence your child against you, it can have a disastrous impact on your relationship with that child. It can also make it much harder to co-parent with your former spouse. Healthline explains what to look for if you believe your ex is alienating your child.

Your ex blocks a visit with your child

These attempts are not always blatant. The other parent might simply offer to do something fun with your child when it is your time for a visit. They may also tempt your child with fun trips and excursions, so they would naturally want to spend more time with them. In either case, your ex’s actions are not meant to foster a better bond with the child you share. They mean to prevent you from developing a healthy relationship.

Your ex monitors your interactions with your child

Supervised visits do require monitoring. However, if you share joint custody, you are free to spend time with your child on your own. If your ex insists on being present for visits or listening to calls between you and your child, take it as a red flag. These behaviors are incredibly controlling and indicate a real breach of boundaries.

Your ex discusses your divorce with your child

Children must have certain information regarding their parents’ divorce, such as changes in schools or living arrangements. However, it is not healthy for parents to reveal intimate details about their splits to their children. Not only is it upsetting, but it can also color their opinion of the other parent. All good parents have a right to spend time with their children, regardless of any issues within their marriage.

When you have a parenting agreement in place, both you and your ex-spouse must follow it. In the event they continue their attempts at alienating your child or disrupting your relationship with them, you can address it with the court.