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Common questions about filing a parenting plan

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Child Custody

If you are a parent working through the divorce process, you need to go over various legal aspects related to ending your marriage while also focusing on making the transition smoother for your children.

Parenting plans are critical and play a key role in a child’s life and his or her relationship with each parent. From custody to visitation, parenting plans cover different topics.

Finding answers to questions about your parenting plan

Every parenting plan is unique, and parents often have a number of questions related to their individual circumstances. For example, you could wonder whether you have to fill out a parenting plan and what to do if you and your ex cannot agree on key matters. According to the Tennessee State Courts, you can fill out a parenting plan on your own or have your attorney help you.

If you and your ex cannot agree, you could work through mediation or attend a court hearing to work toward an outcome that serves your child’s best interests. If you disagree with your former spouse’s parenting plan, you can file your own parenting plan with the Clerk of the Court, after which the judge can review the plan.

Preparing to file a parenting plan

Whether you file a separate parenting plan because you disagree with your ex’s plan, or you intend to file a parenting plan with the support of your former partner, review the plan closely. Make sure you carefully understand your rights and responsibilities while taking steps to resolve any potential areas of concern properly. Once your ex and the court accepts the parenting plan, it becomes binding.