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How to talk about your divorce and keep your dignity

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Divorce

When people ask about your divorce you may feel yourself shutting down. Discussing something so personal may not only feel uncomfortable but oversharing puts you at risk of damaging your reputation too.

Knowing how to answer questions about divorce the right way or whether to answer them at all, can help you to respond to others’ inquiries with poise and confidence.

Think critically

Think carefully about which details of your divorce you are willing to share. Assess how sharing certain details could look for you and your family. Determine how you want others to portray you. One suggestion from Psychology Today is to create a divorce elevator speech. Organize your thoughts in a cohesive manner and summarize your situation. Practice answering common questions people may ask when they find out about your divorce.

You may want to tweak what you say depending on your audience. If a close friend asks you about your divorce, you may answer differently than if you were discussing your situation with a co-worker or boss. Regardless of what you choose to share, keep the details to a minimum to avoid the uncomfortable reality of having shared too much.

Have integrity

You may feel tempted to tear your ex down when explaining to others why your divorce happened. However, this decision can negatively impact your ex and threaten your own reputation as well. Even more damaging is the effect your behavior could have on your children when they hear you talking poorly about their other parent. Despite your differences, describe the events of your divorce with integrity and respect for yourself and your family.