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Benefits of having a good custody plan with your former spouse

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Child Custody

While cooperating with your spouse can be a challenge as you separate and divorce, you will have to maintain a cordial relationship if you have children together. You can start the process now by collaborating on a custody plan that meets the family’s needs.

Review the benefits of having a solid parenting plan as you make this sometimes-difficult transition.

Limit conflict

A detailed parenting plan can help prevent future conflict. Your custody order should spell out when drop-offs and pick-ups occur, how you will share holidays and vacations, how much notice you need to travel with the children, and other important aspects of coparenting. Having these provisions in writing now often means parents do not spend time arguing about these issues after the divorce.

Personalize for your family

When you and your spouse do not agree on a custody plan, you can ask the court in your county to decide during your divorce proceedings. In Tennessee, the judge will make a decision based on the best interest of your children. However, it will not necessarily fit your family’s job schedule, activities, lifestyle or preferences. Agreeing with one another can ensure that you can customize custody for these factors.

Provide comfort and stability

During this transitional time, your children need a strong foundation from both parents. Collaborating on a parenting plan can help you start sharing custody on the right foot with an example of open communication and healthy collaboration. As a result, they will have an increased ability to adjust to their new circumstances.

A good custody plan is an important tool to successfully navigate this change for your family.