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How to make divorce easier for kids

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Child Support

Dealing with the breakdown of your marriage is never easy, even if it is an amicable split. You children likely are the most difficult party to which you break the news of your divorce.

As a parent, you need to still care for and be there for your children, above all else. Familiarize yourself with the following ways to make your divorce easier on them.

1. Support the other parent with childcare.

Even though you are not in love with the other parent, that does not mean that you cannot support each other in parenting. Although things may not always run smoothly, offer support when you can such as picking up your children from school in case the other parent is late, keep each other informed about issues with your children’s friends or school and by making timely child support payments. Your personal issues should not conflict with the children’s normal routine.

2. Make room for ‘family time’ in your schedule.

If your relationship with the other parent is still fairly civil, try to schedule some ‘family time’ in the form of dinner, trip to the pool or a movie night every now and then. This will show your children that even though you are no longer married, there is still a feeling of family that they can rely on.

3. Do not spoil your children.

Often, divorced parents try to become the favorite by out-buying their children’s love. This competition for affection might backfire if the children start pitting one parent against the other and may affect your children’s mental health. It is not worth the extra toys, ice cream trips and lavish vacations. Instead, focus on quality time that will make lasting, loving memories.

Overall, keeping your divorce as healthy as possible in the eyes of your children will help them navigate through this difficult period.