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How can you co-parent with two different styles?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Child Custody, Divorce

When Tennessee marriages deteriorate, the whole event can turn a relationship toxic. When you have children with your former spouse, you have to pay attention to the needs of your children first. If you decided to set your differences aside to co-parent your child, you have the right idea in mind. Through all of the negative emotions, couples have difficulty putting it aside to focus on their children. Even when you decide to do the best for your kid, it may still pose some difficulty.

Good Therapy explains the importance of structure and routine after a separation. Children have more difficulty understanding the different roles he or she may have at different homes. It may be easy to decide to raise your child how you want to and allow your spouse to do the same. This is not how co-parenting works. To co-parent effectively, you have to collaborate with your ex.

Inconsistent routines, discipline styles and rules can lead to confusion and resentment from the child. One parent may find more difficulty than the other due to the differences in rule structure. It is crucial that you put your differences aside in order to focus on which style works with your child. You can blend or compromise your approaches so that the child does not lose his or her routine.

For instance, co-parents can agree on a bedtime and a disciplinary structure to ease the transition between homes. Talk to your former spouse about consistency. You may have to alter your parenting style to meet in the middle.

None if the above should be taken as legal advice. It is simply for educational purposes.