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Social media guidelines during and after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Divorce

Because divorce can be such a stressful process, venting on the internet may be oddly satisfying. You may feel tempted to blow off some steam with an angry post on one or more platforms about your frustrations with your soon-to-be ex.

However, the minute or two that it takes to shoot off an angry tweet could have lifelong consequences. Anything that you post on social media can serve as evidence against you. Even if you realize the mistake and subsequently delete the post, you never know who saw it and grabbed a screenshot of it while it was still up.

The following are some specific tips for social media use during divorce. When in doubt, a good general rule is to make discretion your default.

  1. Limit social media use during divorce proceedings

The temptation to go online and post something negative and potentially damaging can be very strong. For your own sake, however, you must resist. Some experts go so far as to advise you to disable or delete social media accounts until after divorce finalization. Find another, safer outlet through which you can vent your feelings.

  1. Reset privacy settings

Many social media platforms have privacy setting options that allow you to protect your posts from the prying eyes of strangers. However, do not let your increased privacy settings lure you into a false sense of security. Once you put something out there, you cannot control what others do with it.

  1. Revise friend lists

Your list of online “friends” may include business associates, friends of friends or mere acquaintances. You should remove these from your friend lists to ensure that only those you know and trust have access.

  1. Remain positive

If you ever post anything about your divorce or your ex-spouse on social media, whether during the divorce or after, stay positive or at least neutral. If you cannot do that, then avoid posting anything at all. Even if your ex is posting negative things about you, do not succumb to that level. Rarely, if ever, will you later regret taking the high road.