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Plan now for summer vacation custody arrangements

by | May 10, 2019 | Child Custody

While it’s still spring, before you know it, the kids will be out of school for the summer. This means that now is the time for divorced co-parents to make their summer plans for the care and custody of their children.

If you have experienced this situation before, you may be dreading the series of negotiations with your ex that you must endure to ensure that the kids will be well-cared for this summer. The problem is exacerbated when both parents work and you must coordinate their care with a childcare provider.

Then, too, problems may arise if the co-parents have conflicting vacation plans this summer. It can really become overwhelming in some situations. But before you toss in the towel, you may want to consider mediating your child custody disputes.

To be sure, mediation cannot magically make all your custody problems disappear. If there is already an interim or final custody order in place, both co-parents must abide by its terms. But if the arrangement in place is no longer feasible for the children’s needs, either parent may petition the court to modify it.

Since mediation is typically much cheaper than litigation, it might be worthwhile to try to mediate any differences with the kids’ other parent and submit your agreed-upon modified order to the court to be signed by the judge.

Kids tend to remember the summer vacations from their childhood well into adulthood. Don’t mar your children’s memories with infighting between you and your ex-partner or spouse. Mediate your differences together, or failing that, turn to the Tennessee family law courts to litigate a workable solution.