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How can I find hidden assets from my marriage?

If you’re facing a Tennessee divorce, you may discover during the process that it appears as if some of your marital assets have disappeared or at least dissipated. Could your soon-to-be ex-spouse be playing fast and loose with your jointly owned property?

In some cases, that, unfortunately, might be the culprit. Divorce tends to bring out the worst in some people, and your former spouse could be feathering their future nest with your property.

The good news is that you can use these tips to find hidden assets during the divorce:

  • Compare discovery answers to past tax returns. Have your attorney point out discrepancies.
  • Go over bank statements and canceled checks carefully. You could discover patterns of deception with your shared accounts. Don’t forget savings accounts.
  • Check courthouse records. They record all mortgages and conveyances of real estate transfers and purchases your ex may have made.

Sometimes, deceitful spouses even recruit others in their fraudulent acts. They might convince their friends or relatives to engage in straw purchases or sales to deplete the joint marital coffers before a divorce. They could even get their boss to delay a raise or bonus until the divorce has been finalized.

Make sure that you apprise your Seymour family law attorney of any unethical tactics that you expect that your ex might employ to wind up with a larger slice of the marital asset pie. You don’t have to settle for less than you legally deserve to receive in your divorce settlement, but you may have to battle it out in court to get a fair and equitable portion of the marital assets.