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Should you attempt mediation in your divorce?

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

Some marriages are simply not built to last. Regardless of the path that lead to the marital breakdown, it may be possible to at least salvage some semblance of dignity and privacy during your divorce.

This is especially important when the divorcing couple are parents of minor children. There is no need to let the situation devolve into a scorched-earth scenario where the parties can no longer even pass a civil word between them.

A particularly acrimonious divorce can make it impossible to co-parent effectively with your former spouse in the future. This is a primary reason why many choose mediation instead of litigation in their divorces.

Mediation allows the parties to keep confidential the most intimate details of their pending divorces. In the privacy of a neutral, mediated session, they are free to hash out agreements that best reflect their families’ needs going forth.

Mediation encourages creative problem-solving and thinking outside of the box. While a judge must approve any proposed settlements, as long as the children’s needs are addressed and neither party has tipped the scales too far in their direction, the court is likely to approve the mediated settlement.

With mediation, there may not even be a need for a court appearance if all issues can be satisfactorily resolved. Alternatively, if most issues get settled in mediation but there remains a sticking point (or two), these issues can still be litigated. But the court costs and attorneys’ fees will be substantially lower with fewer bones of contention remaining.

Is mediation a good fit for your divorce? It might be a good idea to at least try mediation prior to litigation. Your Seymour family law attorney can recommend a viable course of action to end your marriage.