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Avoid these 3 common divorce mistakes

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic life experiences a person will have. However, not all divorces are fraught with trauma.

Still, the emotionally charged time between two former intimate partners can cause otherwise rational adults to act inappropriately sometimes. To avoid any pitfalls, spouses should avoid these three common divorce errors:

1. Taking the wrong advice

Your thrice-divorced cousin may be a font of information about divorcing in Tennessee, but he has no experience with your particular marital circumstances.

The one person to whose advice you should be listening is your family law attorney’s. This individual knows your situation and you are paying them good money for their advice and experience. Failing to consider their suggestions and directives is a waste of limited resources.

2. Having unrealistic expectations

You may want to take your spouse to the cleaners in a divorce settlement, but that is not likely to occur. It’s important to remain positive about your post-divorce prospects. However, you should also remove the rose-colored glasses when you enter into negotiations with your soon-to-be ex.

There will likely be some initial belt-tightening of your finances as you emerge from your divorce. This is where mediation can be helpful in divorce. The mediator can lay out various settlement scenarios, and you and your spouse can decide which is the most palatable to your position.

3. Lack of full disclosure to your attorney or the courts

Stashing assets, lying about extramarital dalliances in the age of social media and forging financial records can land you in hot water and move the goalposts away from your divorce end zone.

Be honest with your attorney and remember that they can best advance your position when armed with all relevant information.