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Learning from celebrity child custody wars

There are many differences between celebrity child custody battles and custody fights between private Tennessee residents. Examples of these differences include the presence of wealth and often pristine living conditions, both of which can have an effect on a court’s child custody decisions. However, one of the biggest differences between celebrities and ordinary citizens seeking custody is attention.

Because celebrities are famous, the public gets to hear about the often dirty details of their child custody disputes. Thankfully, the custody issues that ordinary citizens face are generally much more private. If you have ever wondered how not to handle a child custody battle, we urge you to take a lesson from celebrities who let their disagreements get out of hand.

Jolie and Pitt

Reportedly, Angelina Jolie was so opposed to Brad Pitt spending time with their six children that a judge in the case had to reel her in by insisting that she let the kids see their father. Failure to comply with the judge could put her own child custody rights in jeopardy.

Kate and Jon Gosselin

Even though these two celebrities split several years ago, it seems they are still waging a war over child custody. Most recently, Jon Gosselin claimed Kate was trying to brainwash their eight children while Kate is pursuing litigation against Jon.

We believe that some celebrity parents risk placing their own wants above the needs of the children. Whenever this is the case, children of divorce may continue to suffer many years after their parents initially break up. Unfortunately, even unwealthy and ordinary parents also run the risk of letting their emotions rule the way they behave during child custody proceedings.

We want you to know that guidance is available and it is as close as your family law attorney’s office. By listening to a lawyer’s advice, you can make sure your custody proceedings cause as little harm to your children as possible. Learn more by visiting our website.