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Attorney tips to reduce anxiety during divorce mediation

You may already know about the many advantages of choosing divorce mediation over litigation. Affordability, speed, privacy and flexibility are just a few. However, because divorce often goes hand-in-hand with emotional turmoil, many spouses divorcing in Tennessee still have difficulty controlling their anxiety during mediation.

As family law attorneys certified in divorce mediation, we often look for ways to help all parties reduce the discomfort they feel during mediation. It is actually a more important issue than you may think because anxiety can interfere with your thought process, which in turn can affect the outcome of mediation. In the interest of helping families through divorce, we offer the following tips to reduce your anxiety throughout the process of mediation.

Avoid feeling defensive: Unlike in a traditional divorce, mediation is a process that encourages cooperation and honest communication between spouses. This means that you do not have to defend yourself on the issues at hand.

Leave your preconceptions at the door: Divorce mediation works best when you enter the process with an open mind. Avoid making assumptions about what your spouse might say or do during the mediation. He or she might just surprise you, especially if you are both ready to end the marriage.

Focus on your future: The process of ending a marriage can overwhelm a person who simply wants it done and over with. Instead of letting the tasks associated with divorce take over your mind, try thinking about the good things a brand new future can offer.

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