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High-asset divorce in the age of digital spy technology

Do you like the technology that now lies in the palm of your hand? Most people, including our attorneys, would answer that question with an enthusiastic yes. No one disputes the benefits that digital technology has brought to residents of Tennessee. However, it is also important to know how someone, say an ex or soon-to-be ex, might use that technology against you.

For many, divorce means that everything earned over a lifetime is suddenly at risk. Scruples are among the first things a spouse desperate to keep his or her assets may sacrifice. Once scruples are no longer guiding a person’s actions, anything is possible — even activities that straddle the line between legal and illegal.

The proliferation of digital technology available today makes it easy for divorcing spouses to spy on one another. In high-asset divorces, the urge to spy can be nearly irresistible. A person might hope to catch a spouse hiding assets, committing adultery or engaging in morally and legally questionable acts. Such information could be used to gain an edge over the other spouse in the hope of acquiring a greater share of the couple’s assets.

For example, a GPS device could allow your spouse to track your whereabouts at all times. This means you lose the ability to maintain a private life. If you begin an intimate relationship before you divorce, your spouse might find out.

In an even worse example, spyware covertly installed on your smartphone or computer could reveal your bank accounts and other financial information. This would enable your spouse to look at and perhaps even manipulate your finances.

We do not want to frighten those involved in a high-asset divorce, but we want all of our readers to be aware of the risks. A good first step is to have professionals check your vehicles for hidden GPS devices and your computers, tablets and phones for spyware. It is also wise to bring your concerns and your evidence to your lawyer’s attention.

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