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Leave these myths behind to encourage a more peaceful divorce

Everyone knows that getting a divorce often comes with a lot of conflict and no small share of drama. Even when both spouses want nothing more than to end a sour relationship and move on separately, the issues inherent to divorce may complicate matters. Unfortunately, the abundance of myths that surround divorce adds fuel to an already blazing fire in many cases.

Knowing what to believe and what to disregard may lessen the complexities of getting divorced. During initial consultations, Tennessee family law attorneys typically urge people to forget everything they thought they know about divorce. Lawyers know that believing in divorce myths can worsen a case, which is why they advise couples to learn the law and forget the myths.

Battling it in court is always a part of divorce

In truth, it is possible to go your separate ways without engaging in a long court battle. Divorce mediation or collaborative law may keep you out of court and make your split more peaceful.

Tennessee’s equitable distribution rule means you get half of the marital property

This is not necessarily the case because equitable distribution means that the courts will consider each spouse’s needs and income when distributing property. If you and your spouse choose divorce mediation, you may be able to create your own property settlement.

The mother will probably get custody of the children

In today’s world, courts recognize that sometimes a mother is not the right choice for custody of the children. Using the best interests of the child as the primary guide, courts look at all factors related to the children to make the right custody decision.

Whether you choose divorce mediation or let the matter go to litigation, educating yourself about the facts of divorce in your location is always a great idea.

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