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An example of how not to handle a child custody dispute

The wars co-parents wage with one another over child custody and other divorce issues often make sense at the time. Unfortunately, it is only after the fact that parents may come to regret some of their actions. It is easy to understand how each parent wants to be part of a child’s life. When denied access to their children, some desperate parents may make regrettable decisions as one Tennessee father has just learned.

According to reports, the father took his 2-year-old son from a Perry County residence last Thursday. In ordinary circumstances, this might not have been a big deal, but the boy’s father did not have any parental rights to the child. The man’s actions led to the authorities issuing a “missing, endangered” alert for the child complete with information about the father’s vehicle. The alert also indicated that the man may have been driving under the influence.

A Hardin County resident saw the alert on a news report and contacted the authorities with possible information about the vehicle’s location. Police officers then were able to track the father’s cellphone to his location. They found the child and took him from the father, who was arrested at the scene.

While child custody disputes are common during and after divorce, it is never right to take matters into your own hands. Such actions may traumatize children and land the parent in legal trouble. A better response is to seek a safe legal solution under the guidance of an attorney. This protects children and parents alike while providing them with an advocate to promote their rights.

The father is currently facing charges of custodial interference and reckless endangerment of a child. Reportedly, additional charges may occur after a full investigation.

Source:, “Perry Co. toddler found safe, father charged,” Chuck Morris, April 06, 2018