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Best standards of practice that facilitate divorce mediation

One of the myths surrounding divorce mediation is that the process requires less skill and training on the part of the mediator. This is a false assumption. In truth, mediators undergo stringent training, which makes them qualified to help families deal with their issues successfully and with as little fallout as possible.

As a law firm that frequently handles divorce mediation, we want all of our Tennessee neighbors to understand that it takes skill and dedication to mediate the end of a marriage. One thing that aids mediators in their goal to help couples resolve their differences and divorce as easily as possible is the model standards of practice published online by the American Bar Association.

By following these standards of practice, we are best equipped to guide couples towards reaching a fair and beneficial agreement. To help improve your confidence in the divorce mediation system, here are a few standards of practice all good mediators follow:

  • Assist participants in determining and promoting the best interests of children
  • Recognize that family mediation is based on the principle of participant self-determination
  • Structure mediation so that participants make informed and knowledgeable decisions
  • Conduct family and divorce mediation in a completely impartial manner
  • Acquire and maintain competency and professionalism in mediation
  • Acquire and maintain the training and education required to mediate family law matters

While divorce mediation is not the right choice for every couple, in many cases, it may be the best choice for families. We invite you to browse our website for more detailed information. We also offer insight into the mediation process in our legal blog.