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Why mediate a divorce? Here are 6 reasons

If you are splitting with your spouse but don’t want to go through the drama of a divorce, you should understand that there are other options out there that are available to you.

Mediation is one of them. Below are some reasons to give mediation a try.

  1. It’s cheaper. Instead of shelling out retainers for two attorneys, spouses can pay a single mediator.
  2. It is more confidential. Except in rare, highly-publicized cases where the records are sealed, divorce files are public records that anyone with the time and inclination can peruse at the courthouse. With mediation, there are no public hearings in a courtroom full of strangers. Mediation is done privately in an office or even via Skype or teleconference.
  3. You remain in control. There is no judge ruling over your agreements. It’s just you, your spouse and the mediator hashing out the details until you reach accord.
  4. Resolution is usually much quicker. Divorces can drag out for years. You have to wait for your court date, and both attorneys have to coordinate busy calendars with the judge, who is also carrying a full caseload. With mediation, once you decide on the terms, it’s filed and finished.
  5. You have more flexibility. Mediators will work around your family’s schedule, often agreeing to meet on weekends or evenings.
  6. It spares the children unnecessary conflict. In contested custody battles, the kids may be subjected to interviews with counselors who will question them about their home life and preferences for living arrangements. This is stressful and can make children feel like they are taking sides against one parent.

Mediation isn’t for all couples, however. If domestic violence is an issue, or if either spouse is unable to discuss matters civilly, it’s better to choose litigation. Also, sometimes mediation doesn’t resolve all issues, in which case the Tennessee family courts can adjudicate the matters that remain.

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