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Tips for dealing with the holidays in the midst of divorce

The holiday season is upon us and it’s not a jolly time of year for everyone, especially those facing divorce. The holiday season can be the worst time of year to endure a divorce. Even if the proceedings began a month or so ago, going through your first holiday season after filing can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for dealing with the holidays in the midst of divorce.

One of the first things you need to look at is tradition. Where are the holidays spent? Is tradition that important right now? It can be if you have children. If there are no children from the marriage it might be best to start a new tradition. Go to a family member’s house for the holidays without your former spouse or soon-to-be ex.

If there are children involved, be sure to put a spending limit on gifts that both you and your spouse follow. When parents announce that they are divorcing, the holiday season can become a bit of a competition between the spouses when it comes to securing affection from the children.

Try to find out what your children want to do this holiday season. It is the first for them since divorce was filed, so you are not in this alone. Try to do what they want to do for the holidays, even if it means being with your former spouse in uncomfortable situations.

Is divorce in your future? Take time to speak with an experienced divorce attorney in Seymour about your situation. You will want to schedule a consultation as soon as possible so conflicts of interest are not present in your case.

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