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Saying goodbye to assets in divorce isn’t always easy

When you have to divide up your assets because of a divorce, there are some assets that you will find much easier to part with. You’ve likely worked hard to get the things you have and don’t really see why you need to be the one to bid adieu to certain ones. This is what makes asset division difficult in some cases. We understand that you might already have an idea of what you want. While we can work toward this goal, we might need to evaluate the situation to assure nothing gets overlooked.

Some assets are divided based solely on their value. Things like retirement accounts and investments likely aren’t going to have an emotional pull so you can divide these based strictly on the money and value factors. These may likely be the easiest ones that you deal with.

Other assets might have an emotional tie. Things like the house or family heirlooms will fall into this category. These are often the ones that are more difficult to divide. You have to take a step back from the emotional connection that you have with the items and think about what the asset can do for you in the immediate future. Don’t stop there, think about what the asset will mean for your life way down the road, too.

One point to think about with assets, such as a house, is what impact it will have on your finances. Will you be able to afford to make the mortgage payments on the house and still keep up with other bills and upkeep costs? Remember that you aren’t going to have a second person helping with the finances. You are only going to be able to count on your own income. We can help you to delve deeper into these decisions so you can start your new life off on the best footing possible.