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Acceptable reasons for modification of child support order

A child support order is handed down by the court in cases involving child custody. One parent will usually be required to pay the other parent support in varying forms. The amount determined by the court will be done so based on a variety of factors including age of the child, income of both parents and other pertinent details. However, there are reasons that the order can be modified positively or negatively.

One of the most common reasons for a child support order to be modified is that there has been a change in the paying parent’s income or job status. For example, the amount might be lowered if the paying parent has lost a job or been demoted to a lower-paying position at work. Alternatively, it might be raised if the paying parent receives a promotion.

Another common reason to modify a child support order is a medical emergency involving either the child or the paying parent. For example, the order might be raised if the child needs emergency surgery. It could be lowered if the paying parent suffered a medical emergency and needs to pay for medical bills out of their own pocket.

The needs of the child are taken into consideration when issuing a child support order. If the needs of the child have changed since the order was first issued, it’s possible that the order can be changed. This can be done to increase or decrease the amount being paid depending on how the child’s needs changed.

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