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How to find assets that could be hidden prior to divorce

Preparing for a high-asset divorce in Tennessee is very stressful. Going through such a situation is incredibly difficult, especially when you suspect that there might be some hidden assets. Here are some tips for finding hidden assets as you prepare to file for divorce.

The first place you should look for hidden assets is online. It’s quite possible that your spouse has covered his or her trail when it comes to paper, but he or she might have left a digital footprint without even realizing it. Start with looking at his or her public records. When you search via his or her name, you could come across relatives, aliases and even business partners. You could also discover accounts he or she is using to hide assets.

Take a look at the business expenses of your spouse, especially if he or she owns a company. If he or she is scheduled to receive an annual bonus, yet it hasn’t arrived, he or she could be hiding it somewhere. Or, he or she could have instructed his or her employer to give it to him or her in another form of currency. Your spouse might also delay issuing invoices to clients until after the divorce goes final.

Keep a watchful eye on your bank accounts. Assets can be hidden by using an individual account to withdrawal money and then send it to a friend’s account. After the divorce is finalized, the friend gives the money back to your spouse. He or she might have also provided a friend or relative with a fake loan to hide money.

Watch your spouse for new spending habits. Did your spouse come home with a new luxury car, expensive furniture or a new piece of art? This likely isn’t a mid-life crisis, but instead a method to hide assets.

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