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Virtual visitation for child custody in Tennessee

Are you working through a child custody case in Seymour? This is a very difficult situation for all parties involved, especially the children. More and more parents are turning to virtual visitation as a way to come to a child custody agreement. Parents must understand that this is not in lieu of traditional visitation and can very well be denied by a judge.

Virtual visitation is becoming increasingly popular across the country and in Tennessee because of its convenience. Again, it’s not meant to get rid of traditional visitation, only supplement it. Virtual visitation involves phone calls, video chats, texting, emailing and chatting on other apps.

If parents want to utilize virtual visitation, they will need to agree that this is a valid method to supplement the rest of the schedule. Parents must also make their children readily available for virtual chats with the other parent. There can be no censorship by either parent when this is part of the visitation schedule.

Virtual visitation is a great way for parents who work night shifts, travel a lot for work, are in school or who don’t live near their children to spend time with them as often as possible. It’s great to help the parents bond with their children even though they cannot spend time with them in person.

Parents can see a child after school to discuss their day via video chat or read them a bedtime story. They can also help solve math problems over the phone or provide instruction via email for a class project.

If you are fighting with the other parent of your child about custody, visit our site to learn more about our firm and how virtual visitation can help in Tennessee.