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It’s worth it to fight fair in a small-town divorce

by | Feb 8, 2017 | High-asset Divorce

Divorce is a difficult proposition anywhere, but divorcing somewhere like East Tennessee carries extra complications. Ultimately, a divorce can pit community members against each other, or remove one parent or another from valuable community resources. If a divorce gets nasty enough, it may not be possible for one or both parents to remain in the town where they have established their lives.

Unfortunately, that is the double-edged sword of southern hospitality – the more that you engage with your community and embed yourself in it, the more entangled your community can become in your personal affairs.

Most divorce seekers want to avoid causing unnecessary scenes. Parents want to ensure that their children will not suffer harshly during the process. For these types of divorces, mediation can provide a positive atmosphere to divorce as peacefully as possible.

While few divorces are truly pain-free, dissolving your marriage can happen with dignity and even compassion. This ensures that the conflicts that ended your marriage do not continue to interfere with custody and visitation arrangements.

A divorce is not only about the two of you

When you choose to dissolve your marriage, especially when you live in a small town, you quickly realize that other parties may try to influence the choices that you make. This can make it difficult to approach divorce calmly and fairly.

With divorce mediation, you can eliminate many of the other pressures influencing how you approach your divorce. Mediation allows the two of you to create a plan for your separate lives.

A divorce mediator helps you reach fair resolutions to conflicts so you can divorce with dignity. The mediator also knows how to handle particularly delicate issues and cut through the years of hurt to the heart of the issues at hand. Divorce mediation gives you the tools to make your divorce as amicable as possible.

With children, divorce mediation is an excellent option

Children add an extra layer of complication to any divorce negotiation – beyond custody arrangements and child support agreements, the very process of divorcing can affect them heavily.

We all personally experienced or know someone whose parents had an ugly divorce. The emotional toll that an ugly divorce can have on children in enormous. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With proper care, it is possible to use your divorce as an opportunity for your children to see you acting as a responsible, caring adult instead of selfishly using them as leverage against their other parent.

Choose a qualified mediator for strong results

If you think divorce mediation may work for you, it is important to find a mediator who truly understands the emotional value of professional mediation. With proper guidance by a certified divorce mediator, you can approach divorce with dignity and without fear, while resting assured that a new season of life is just around the corner.