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Shining a light on the child support hearing

Child support is an important issue to discuss between parents. Many parents can come to an agreement on support without the need to go before a judge. There are plenty of other parents who need to attend a hearing to have child support determined. If you are in this last group, you'll want to know what to expect in a child support hearing in Seymour, Tennessee.

At the hearing you will have your opportunity to tell your side of the story. The other parent will also have a chance to speak in front of the judge. You also have the right to call witnesses to testify on your behalf. If the hearing is to create an initial support agreement, it's possible you might need to prove maternity or paternity.

If the hearing was called to change the child support order already in place, known as a modification, the parent requesting the change will be required to provide proof. Changes that are commonly approved include the disability of a parent, unemployment, the development of the child, or an injury or illness to the child. Should the other parent argue the request, he or she will have the chance to explain why the change should not be made.

If you are headed for a child support hearing it's best to do so with a family law attorney. You should arrive on-time, dressed in business casual attire, and never interrupt the testimony of the other parent.

Are you involved in a child support dispute with the other parent of your child? Working with a family law attorney in Seymour can help you prepare for the hearing, understand what is to come next, and learn what might happen if the hearing does not go in your favor.

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