The Not-So-Obvious Critical Steps To Take After An Auto Accident In East Tennessee

An auto accident is sudden. It happens fast with very little notice. After the initial shock dissipates, many people get out of the vehicle and proceed to the other parties involved to talk about the incident and next steps.

However, after police and medical attention are summoned, it's important to take several steps immediately after the accident to protect yourself.

1. Stay At The Scene

Even if you believe the incident is minor and no one is seriously injured, it's vital to stay at the scene of an accident until police arrive. Criminal charges could stem from leaving the scene of an auto collision.

2. Exchange Driver Information—But Use Caution

It's important to obtain the names, numbers, driver's license and insurance information from the other driver or parties involved in the collision. However, refrain from speaking about the incident in too much detail or admitting fault. Sticking to the basics while you wait for authorities is advised.

3. Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the vehicles involved, the roadway, and environmental conditions with your mobile device or smart phone while you wait for the police is also advised. They could prove useful to your auto insurance carrier or lawyer in court.

4. Contact An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer

Reaching out to an experienced attorney with knowledge in auto accident compensation post accident is highly recommended. This is because a lawyer is your advocate, with a duty to make sure you receive the maximum compensation available under the law and aren't duped by insurance carriers who do not have your best interest at heart.

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