Receiving Compensation After An Injury Or Death Of A Loved One

We work hard to stay in good health and keep ourselves safe. However, sometimes things happen that are out of our control. If you were injured because of another person's carelessness, you may be wondering what rights you have or how justice will be brought to the situation.

White & White, Attorneys at Law, represents individuals throughout Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County and surrounding counties in personal injury and wrongful death matters.

The firm often assists with claims involving:

  • Car accidents, involving both vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Trucking accidents, involving 18-wheelers and semi trucks
  • Injuries that occur on property, such as slip-and-fall accidents

Personal Injury Attorney Sue White: An Invaluable Medical Background

Attorney Sue White has extensive experience handling such matters. Prior to obtaining her law license, Sue practiced as a registered nurse. She holds a bachelor's degree in nursing, masters degree in business and a doctorate in juris prudence.

Sue has a good understanding of the medical nuances that come into play in personal injury cases. While some attorneys may need to spend time learning about medicine or injuries in a personal injury matter, Sue's medical knowledge enables her to use that time to build a strong case.

Whether serious bodily injury occurred or a loved one was lost in the incident, White & White, Attorneys at Law can help. Compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, and property damage may be available.

Call 865-622-7768 to schedule a free consult with Sevierville personal injury lawyer Sue White. Flexible appointments are available. You can also contact her online.